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Tomato Ripening Rooms

Tomato Ripening Facilities

Tomato Ripening Facilities

With over 40 years of experience, and 3,000+ truck loads of tomato ripening rooms built to date, you can trust Dade Service to deliver the highest quality product.

Tarp-Free Pressurized Ripening Room Systems.



  • DASERCO BRAND PATENTED  pressurized ripening systems deliver high air flows and precise pulp temperature control to ensure uniformity of ripened product with guaranteed results.

  • Tarp-Free Systems, with no moving parts, provide faster and easier loading and unloading, reduced maintenance and premium results.

  • Durable Steel Racking Systems with Food Safe, hot dipped, galvanized finish. 

  • Hygienic Design All equipment, walls and racking are provided with food safe finishes. Interior room walls and ceilings are free of closures and obstructions to allow for easier cleaning.

  • Life Time Support is provided to all clients.

  • DASERCO Brand controls are programmed to meet your specific needs and specifications.

  • Time Proven Designs show our rooms are built to last. Specially engineered air coolers with stainless steel tubes and durable high quality room components provide the longest lasting system available on the market.

  • Energy Efficient. Our systems provide the most energy efficient option with the lowest operational cost. Ask about Super High Efficiency options.

  • High Humidity controlled to your specific set point provides improved product appearance and reduced shrinkage, maximizing your profits.

  • Dual Temperature Option for multiple zones in the rooms provides increased flexibility in your ripening program.

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