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DASERCO Controls 

DASERCO Controls is a division of Dade Service Corporation where we design state-of-the-art control panels for ripening rooms, coolers, distribution centers and various other applications.

All control systems are built in-house allowing us to customized any detail the customer desires.

Touch Screen Control Panels and Systems.



  • Touch Screen Control Panels allow for simple and convenient control of rooms. 

  • High Accuracy Sensors are included in our room design to monitor all Ripening and Cooling progress. 

  • DASERCO Brand Refrigeration Equipment is selected specifically for each project. We engineer each system to provide the optimum air flow and conditions for the produce being stored. All equipment is food-safe, high-quality, easily cleaned with hinged pans and energy efficient. 

  • Password Protected Software can be accessed remotely through internet access to allow for control and viewing of room progress at all times from any location. 

  • Automated Ripening Screen allows for programming the whole Ripening Schedule upon loading produce to ensure proper ripening, reduce errors and meet your desired schedule.

  • Remote Access is available via internet or supervisory computer option. 

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