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Rapid Cool Rooms 

State-of-the-art Rapid Cool Rooms

State-of-the-art Rapid Cool Rooms

Our state-of-the-art Rapid Cool Rooms reduce product loss and shrinkage, thus maximizing your profits. Combination Rapid Cool/Ripening Rooms are available to provide greater flexibility in your operations.

Design for Mixed Use

Design for Mixed Use

Rooms can be designed for Ripening & Rapid Cool uses to meet your operational needs.

Keep It Cool

Keep It Cool

Dade Service understands the importance of Rapid Cool Rooms. The rapid removal of field heat dramatically slows the respiration process and provides produce with a longer shelf life.

Integrate Rapid Cool Technology In Your Dade Ripening Room.



  • DASERCO BRAND PATENTED pressurizing system utilizes air pressure differentials for optimal Rapid Cooling.

  • RAPID COOLING pulls heat of the product quickly to maximize shelf time and profits. 

  • Rooms can be designed for MULTI USE functionality - allowing Ripening and Rapid Cooling to occur in the same room. 

  • TARP-FREE SYSTEMS with no moving parts, provide faster and easier loading and unloading, reduced maintenance and premium results.

  • Offers faster cooling with less energy consumption. We use proprietary ECORIPE motors with built in VFD's to deliver the most energy efficient rapid cooling solution. 

  • PRODUCT SPECIFIC DESIGNS for various produce ensure the quickest cooling times possible. Room sizes from 1-200 pallets.

  • SUPERIOR DESIGNS with premium efficiency motors ensure the lowest operating costs of rapid cool rooms on the market. 

  • TOTAL CONTROL over the cooling process is achieved with DASERCO Touch Screen Controls. 

  • PROVEN RESULTS of cooled uniformity to the required temperatures within specified times. 

  • COMPLIMENTARY LIFETIME SUPPORT is provided to all clients.

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