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Rack Installation 

Designed to Fit Your Operation

Designed to Fit Your Operation

Our innovative Rack System are designed to optimize efficiency and safety. All of our Racks are provided with food safe finishes.

Custom Rack Installation

Custom Rack Installation

We offer custom Rack Installation to meet your unique needs and optimize space.

Our Team of Experts Design and Build Racks To Suit Your Needs. 



  • Structural Racking. Structural Racking Design, Procurement and Installation helps deliver turnkey solutions to our cold clients. Racks available painted or hot dipped galvanized.

  • Turn-Key Package. Team Dade provides services for design and construction of existing spaces, or a complete ground-up construction. Our distribution facilities are built around the importance of the cold chain, which is critical to ensure the highest quality produce. 

  • Hygienic Design All equipment, walls and racking are provided with food safe finishes. Interior room walls and ceilings are free of closures and obstructions to allow for easier cleaning.

  • State-of-the-Art Designs deliver facilities that meet the strict hygienic requirements of today and tomorrow for various applications your facility may have. 

  • Leader in Efficient Designs from our selection of warehouse lighting to the construction of our refrigeration systems, we provide energy efficiency throughout your facility - benefiting your company and the environment. 

  • Layout Experience Let us assist you in designing the most efficient facility from an operational flow and cost standpoint. 

  • Life Time Support is provided to all clients.

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